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"Between two worlds", ballet show dedicated to refugee artists from Ukraine on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera

Intre doua lumi  Opera Nationala Bucuresti Coregraf: Vanda Stefanescu
Intre doua lumi.jpeg

"Between two worlds" is the story of those who currently live in the balance of the unknown and uncertainty, but we are all in the same story. We all have a role to play in this show.

There is a place where those who enter voluntarily or not, seek escape. This space is not delimited and cannot be constrained or reproduced, but is found in each of us when we seek it.

We invite you to step carefully into the place where people like us tell their stories. The dancers will tell their story through dance, the singers will tell their story through music, and we will be there witnesses with body and soul, as a sign of solidarity… in the space between two worlds.

Choreography and concept: Vanda Ștefănescu

Director: Alexandru Nagy

Scientific Consultant: Smaranda Ciubotaru

Actress: Irina Rădulescu

Piano: Karina Uță


Alina Khorzhova

Rodion Yatsky

Aibec Ryskulbekov

Olena Sabosia

Raluca Jercea

Octavia Cristea

Corina Lupescu

Horia Bucur

Soprano: Alina Vorokh

Mezzosoprano: Elena Vishnevska

With the participation of the child: Alisa-Maria Vorokh

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